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Lasting Roof Replacement

Lasting Roof Replacement - Bohon Roofing
If your roof is damaged, worn, leaking or sagging, you most likely need complete Roof Replacement. Bohon Roofing is a trusted Oklahoma roofing company with years of experience in the industry. We specialize in residential & commercial roofing services and can expertly implement the best installation for your property.
Here are visible signs that you need to have your roof replaced.
  • Do you see visible water marks from inside your home and "wet" looking spots on your ceiling or walls?
  • Are there any leaks in your attic?
  • Do your rafters, chimney or vents look like they have gotten wet?
  • Are you missing any shingles?
  • Are any of your shingles buckling or curling?
  • Is there any blistering on any of your shingles?
  • Are there shingle granules in any of your gutters? If you run your hand along your roof, can you feel loose granules?
  • Are your shingles rotting right off your roof?

Knowing the signs that your roof needs to be replaced will save you thousands of dollars. Don't wait until it’s too late. If you see any of these signs, call us right away.

Waiting too long can result in a complete roof overhaul, costing thousands more to start over completely. This is not necessary if you catch any of the warning signs early.

Bohon Roofing is dedicated to making sure your roof and your home stay as healthy and dry as possible. Contact us or get a free estimate to get started!

Lasting Roof Replacement - Bohon Roofing

I used Bohon Roofing on the recommendation of my insurer (US Shelter) to replace my roof in 2016. I was pleased over all, but began noticing when it rained my front porch would be soaked even though gutters were installed when the roof was replaced. Well, I thought it was too many leaves, or maybe gutters installed incorrectly and then finally had someone go up and check the roof and found out there was some bubbling etc. going on that made the water shoot out over the gutter. Well this was just last month when this was figured out, but decided to call Heath Bohon, since they installed the roof to have someone come out and check it. Told him I don't know what happened, but if I had to pay something to correct it I would. He fixed the problem no charge. He said we stand by our work. People this was 2 years later! This company will get my roof again, my daughter's roof and our business's roof if we ever need these services again. After this last is totally fixed! Thank you.

Pamela McMinn

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